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Supporting discovery in food & life sciences

AI powered biological interpretation of ~omics data

TenWise is a service provider that offers AI solutions for integration and interpretation of biological big data such as ~omics data: human genes, micro-organisms, metabolites, pathways, phenotypes, diseases and research workflow terms.

We support emerging areas of drug discovery and the microbiome by improving access to, insights in data and help build hypotheses.

Our AI powered biological interpretation delivers fast, intuitive, comprehensive results that are organised on relevance. On the one hand our KMAP & KMINE platform captures validated scientific knowledge whereas our expert curated BioSets help find new biological relations relevant for your research. We are continuously developing new content for this platform as well as developing and improving safe technologies for providing access to our platform.

Our products are suitable for research teams, data engineers and health practitioners, enabling them to do: drug repurposing, literature scoping and client consults.

“We use TenWise text mining tool for several applications both internally and externally. For example to collect information regarding selected proteins to support our customers or for prioritization of new protein targets.” Lina Hultin Rosenberg, PhD
Head of Data Science, Olink Proteomics

“The TenWise team has helped Kaleido to build a roadmap for its Data Science group for the coming 3 years. TenWise’s approach was a much-desired deep dive into the group’s data infrastructure and a comparison thereof to the current state of the art in Bioinformatics and related fields. On top of this, by putting focus on our commercial impact and our team dynamics they have been able to clearly demonstrate the high-value potential of this group for Kaleido‚Äôs overall success.” Johan van Hylckama Vlieg, Chief Scientific Officer, Kaleido Biosciences

Our Products

KMINE Literature Explorer & REST-API

Access to KMAP for researchers and data engineers

KMINE Literature Reports

Dedicated literature reports for your ~omics data

~Omics reports

Multi-Omics interpretation

Dedicated Projects

Software building and consultancy

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