20/02/06: New start-up TenWise

New start-up TenWise to support data driven decision making in food and life sciences

Oss, the Netherlands, February 6th 2020

TenWise B.V. is happy to announce its founding in February 2020.
TenWise supports researchers working in pharma/biotech, personal care and human nutrition in making sense of big biological data in a faster and more comprehensive way.

“The base for this is our proprietary K-Map & K-Mine platform that contains more than 200 million biological relations that we are able to extract from scientific literature. Next, we make these relationships visible to researchers via simple, interactive and intuitive formats. We take this one step further by enriching the outputs using additional information from a large set of biological databases. We are continuously developing these enrichment strategies to make them applicable for use cases ranging from finding new drug targets to the design of animal-free experiments. “ says Dr. Wynand Alkema, co-founder and CSO of TenWise.

Nils Hijlkema, CCO, comments: “We started TenWise because we believe existing solutions that are entirely built on automated data mining lack the necessary integration with expert knowledge. By focusing on enrichment strategies we aim to overcome this knowledge gap. And by offering very user-friendly tools dedicated to researchers we believe we are able to service the thriving, but hugely complex, human microbiome research space. In doing so we will not shy away from bringing in other specialists and partnering companies when needed.”

The company currently offers subscriptions to K-Map &-Mine, a webserver solution, API and a fast service in generating literature reports. In addition, we offer tailor made projects using our proprietary technology.

TenWise B.V. is set-up by Wynand Alkema PhD and Nils Hijlkema MSc who have a combined experience of over 35 years in food and life sciences research. They have been active in drug discovery, microbiome and probiotic programmes in both industrial and academic settings. Dr. Alkema is also Professor of Data Science at Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen.
The company is based in the Netherlands and works for clients around the globe.

Want to know more? Please visit our website: www.tenwise.nl or contact Nils Hijlkema, nils.hijlkema@tenwise.nl, +31 6 1171 8915.