2021/6/1 Whitepaper: Identifying gut-brain mediating therapies in CNS with KMINE

Our most recent whitepaper reveals the most interesting new brain diseases that can be potentially targeted by modulating the gut microbiome.

The study gives a color-based ranking based on the number of relevant, published papers until 2020 on brain diseases that are being researched in relation to the gut microbiome. The more recent papers describe new insights on how pathobiontic bacteria seem to be able to translocate from the gut to the brain, causing harm in diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, whereas beneficial microbes in the gut are able to produce metabolites and neurotransmitters that improve brain health.

We conclude that early microbiome related therapeutic leads, mainly based on results from fecal microbial transplants (FMT) studies, are now being evaluated in clinical intervention trials. Interestingly, experimental FMT shows promise for treating schizophrenia and ALS making these diseases likely new targets for therapeutic development.