An important step in ~omics analysis is relating your data to the disease or biological process of interest. For example, “What is the relation between the regulated genes and auto-immune diseases?” or “Which of the changed metabolites are known to be related to fatty acid metabolism?”

This process is related to the use of GeneSet Enrichment methods or the use of Reporter genes. These methods normally use in the information in general databases, such as KEGG, Reactome or Gene Ontology.

To improve these approaches, TenWise has a number of precompiled curated BioSets which are tailor made for specific research question and that we are actively and continuously developing. E.g. the BioSet for skin aging contains a number of genes, pathways, metabolites and drugs related to skin aging. The figure shows how your data will be linked to these BioSets. Each line between your gene of interest and a member of the BioSet represents a number of scientific papers in which this link has been described.

In this figure only a part of the BioSet is shown. Most of our BioSets have between 50 and 100 members.