Dedicated projects

TenWise has done and is doing a number of dedicated projects that do not strictly fall under the “-omics analysis”‘ service. These projects are done with a dedicated approach in which custom software is build for a specific solution. All software for these projects is written in R and Python and shared (if required) with the customer at the end of the project .



An number of these projects is listed below.

Target finding: Identification of novel targets for a metabolic diseases based on integrated data from text mining, tissue expression and protein druggability

X-omics: Building a R-Shiny application for the integrated viewing and analysis of metabolomics, proteomics, microbiomics and transcriptomics data that were obtained from a clinical study.

R teaching: A workshop in the application of R for data mining.

Consultancy: Support to companies in developing their R&D strategy for bringing probiotic strains to the market. Our experience is in advising on set-ups of:

  • isolation of strains from relevant biological sources (Nagoya protocol proof)
  • mining and QA checks of public and private culture collections; we also have access to a large set of Lactic Acid Bacteria of different species.
  • in vitro screenings: helping you find the high throughput (growth assays) and cell line assays and in vitro/ex vivo models that mimic the microbiome niche of interest closely.
  • clinical trials: experience with set-ups of human trials related to stress, dermatitis, women’s health and several skin disorders.
  • support in finding partners/C(D)MOs for upscaled productions of bacterial strains and compounds (GMP and non-GMP).
  • Support in grant applications for the above work.
  • Support in finding other funding opportunities such as VCs.

For a free-of-charge discussion on how we can help with specific questions on dedicated projects, contact us here.