Some questions we are asked regularly:


Under what terms and conditions does TenWise performs its consultancy and offers its Licenses and Subscriptions?

We have short and comprehensive General Terms and Conditions, which can be accessed here.

How should I provide my data for a multiple concept report?

We offer clear intake forms that you can use to send us your Start Sets. All data will be treated confidentially. If curation of your data set is needed we can perform that. We will always share with you such a curated data set before entering our KMAP & KMINE platform for analyses.

What is the turnaround time for my project?

Turnaround times depend upon the type of product you choose. Subscriptions to our KMINE Literature Explorer and can be arranged almost instantly upon formalisation of our agreement. Biological interpretation via KMINE Literature Reports takes 48 hours to perform. KMINE REST-API access turnaround is dependent on the collaboration with your inhouse data department. Dedicated projects such as consultancy and software developing can take multiple months.

What happens if there are data quality issues?

All data that you provide, whether this is a list of biological entities (words) or raw data from experiments, will pass a QA step done by TenWise. In case we feel that additional curation of data is needed we will approach you to discuss who will do this: you or us. In case TenWise feels that the data sets provided do not correspond with your expectations we will communicate this to you.

What is TenWise’s business model?

We offer our services and products via fixed arrangements per year and will be agreed upon based on amount of users or level of access required. The annual subscription fee for KMINE Literature Explorer and KMINE REST-API enables us to maintain and develop our KMAP content for your relevance and the KMINE solutions for your convenience. The first half year the license/subscription is monthly terminable, basically giving a 6 months’ trial period. As a service we generate KMINE Literature reports for a fixed fee per report. Dedicated projects are fixed price or based on hourly rates dependent on the request.

In case of a Dedicated Project, can I change the scope of the project?

In principle yes. In case we work on a flexibele basis with agreed hourly rates on a project this is always possible. Typically we work on fixed price projects. This means we take the time with you to agree on a scope before the kick off. In case you conclude that with the preliminary results a scope change is needed, we can discuss. Obviously in case of more effort required from TenWise the fixed price will change. In case of licenses: the access you get is agreed upon. In case you want to expand this access (eg. more databases, more users), we will adjust the licensing fee accordingly.

Will those involved in my project have relevant expertise?

Our expert has relevant biological expertise in certain fields of food and pharma including gut and skin microbiome. If specific expertise is required TenWise will be able to hire outside experts for direct project work or internal development at TenWise (eg. making new ontologies). In the case that an external project member will be added to the team,  confidentiality will be arranged first.

If I get interesting outcomes, am I 100% owner of this?

Our service is to support you in doing research. And if this helps you to create novel IP, then that is great. You will be 100% owner of such results and can seek IP protection for that. Improvements on our existing Background Technology that will be made in the course of a project, such as tuning and extension algorithms, database optimisation, updated ontologies and other tools remain the property of TenWise.

Do I need to include TenWise as co-author on my paper?

As main author you decide this. If our collaboration is appreciated then it would make sense to be included on the paper if TenWise’s contribution is significant.