KMINE Literature Explorer

The KMINE Literature Explorer can be found on: .

It allows researchers in pharma, food and personal care industry to easily perform fast Scoping and Evidence in available literature using our proprietary KMAP platform. For details look at: Extended tutorial KMINE_050121

This Webserver allows end users to easily perform:

  • KMAP Overview: Displays a quick overview of both KMAP Scoping and KMAP Evidence results in form of a top 10 per ontology ranked on eScore. Use hyperlinks to obtain abstracts.
  • KMAP Scoping: You can search for single concepts such as: human genes, bacterial genes, metabolites, pathways, phenotypes, diseases, drugs and (micro)organisms. Actively find co-occurrences of the concept of interest with more than 200,000 biological concepts derived from public and proprietary databases; these are ranked and made visual in different formats; tables, word clouds and networks. Abstracts can be selected and saved and moreover interesting sentences with putative interrelationships can be extracted.
  • KMAP Multi: find co-occurrences on a set of concepts created by yourself in K-Map Scoping. Get X-tables, networks and heatmaps. Again, abstracts can be selected and saved and moreover interesting sentences can be extracted.
  • KMAP Evidence: look for evidence in 18 million classified abstracts that we extract from scientific literature. Abstracts are ranked and categorised in different groups: variant, in vitro, mouse, rat and clinical by using machine learning algorithms. As we focus to support discovery related to the microbiome we have also added this category.

All findings can be saved and exported for further inhouse analyses.

Schematic overview of KMINE Literature Explorer

Watch our short videos to learn how to get a first overview (KMAP Overview) find new relations (KMAP Scoping), how to build your own networks of relations (KMAP Multi) and how to find evidence per study category (KMAP Evidence) using KMINE Literature Explorer below:

KMINE new features 2021:


KMAP Overview:


KMAP Scoping:


KMAP Multi:


KMAP Evidence:

Ready to use KMINE Literature Explorer?

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