License/subscription on KMAP & KMINE

The KMAP database contains over 200 million literature relations between genes, diseases, pathways, metabolites, organisms and drugs, based on co-occurrence in the same abstract. Each relation is mapped to its corresponding PubMed abstract(s) in which the relation is found. The data is stored in a relational database, which can be delivered in various formats. The database can be approached with direct SQL queries, which can be scripted in dedicated R, Python or JAVA scripts.
A license/subscription includes:

  • delivery of a one-time data dump of the database in the required format (scripted access via REST-API)
  • subsequent monthly updates with the newest literature and ontology data
  • access to the KMINE Literature Explorer that is build on-top of the database

See how the KMINE Literature Explorer works in these short videos: KMINE Literature Explorer instruction videos

KMINE is a software library with Python and R-scripts. The Python scripts can be used to build text mining pipelines based on this database. The R scripts can be used for advanced statistics and visualisations. A license on KMINE includes :

  • a one time download of the library
  • subsequent updates and extensions of the code.
  • a manual with practical examples
  • personal support on setting up the pipelines and use of the scripts