Dedicated Projects

TenWise performs tailor-made projects for clients such as biological interpretation of ~omics data and development of dedicated software tools for research pipelines as part of collaborations or consortia,

Examples of dedicated projects we work on are:

3Ranker – Using artificial intelligence for 3R research

Partnering with Karolinska and University of Utrecht on an algorithm that assist researchers in finding experiments that are able to replace, refine or reduce the use of animal models. Read the poster presented at FELASA 2022 here. Visit the 3Ranker website.

NWO project – Accelerating the transition to animal-free NGRA: a transformative governance approach

Partnership with University of Utrecht, Radboud University and NWO. The project focuses on Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA), and on the transitions to animal-free safety assessment for chemicals and pharmaceuticals in the EU, the Netherlands, and the USA. Read more on this programme here.


GLYSEC – Building a Glyco-Immunology Service Center

An Eurostars project with Immundnz and GlycoMScan. Human in vitro immunology assays will be integrated with glycopeptide, bioinformatics and text mining analyses into a scalable workflow for novel drug target discovery and optimisation of personalised medicines based on functional glyco-immunology profiling. Read more here.


MicroBioDx, development of a novel microbiome-host profiling tool for health and disease

A collaboration with Predica Diagnostics on the joint development of the high-throughput MicroBioDX platform for the characterization of microbiome-host interactions and their role in inflammatory bowel disease and cancer development and treatment. Visit our website here and read more here.




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