2020/03/01: TenWise B.V. and NIZO Food Research BV sign cooperation on biological big data analysis

TenWise B.V. and NIZO Food Research BV sign cooperation on biological big data analysis

On March 1st 2020 TenWise and NIZO Food Research BV signed an agreement where both parties collaborate on the interpretation of biological data for the food, health and personal care markets. Both parties will grant each other access to algorithms, databases and microbiome knowledge modules.

“This collaboration will enable NIZO to integrate TenWise’s strong data analytical skills and text mining tools and combine these with our strong expertise and multidisciplinary approach in projects that evolve around trials required for health benefit substantiation support, food fermentation, literature scoping and processing. For these project, multi-omics analyses need to be applied and TenWise-NIZO collaboration will help in applying this efficiently“ says Berend Oosterhuis, CCO of NIZO.

“NIZO is supporting dairy, food and health companies with the research & development of new applications. In addition, NIZO is a leader in performing experiments with proprietary microbiome models for skin and gut, as well as human clinical trials in healthy volunteers. More and more analytical data are being gathered as part of such projects including microbiota analyses and metabolomics in order to assist in finding biomarkers for health and disease. We are happy to be able to assist NIZO in integration and interpretation of multi-omics data and finding relations with relevant knowledge in literature.” Says Nils Hijlkema, CCO of TenWise.

We are looking forward to apply our new collaboration in the near future for serving our mutual customers in the field of food and personal care and health markets.


TenWise B.V. is a brand-new service provider that offers AI-powered solutions for integration and interpretation of biological big data such as ~omics data and is set-up by Dr. Wynand Alkema and Nils Hijlkema MSc., who have a combined experience of over 35 years in pharma, food and personal care research. The last 10 years they have been active in drug discovery, microbiome and probiotic programmes for industry.

www.tenwise.nl or contact Nils Hijlkema, nils.hijlkema@tenwise.nl, +31 6 1171 8915.


NIZO Food Research B.V. is a leading Contract Research Organisation supporting dairy, food and health companies with the development of new applications and accelerating innovation. Customers value NIZO’s expertise, gains in product quality and safety and reductions in time to market.

NIZO operates one of the most advanced R&D centres with laboratories for chemical, physical, and microbial research as well as food grade product development facilities at laboratory and pilot plant scale. With clinical trials performed at the NIZO’s Clinical Trial Unit, NIZO substantiates health benefits for their customers.

www.nizo.com or contact S. (Sabina) Lukovac PhD, Division Manager Health Department, Sabina.Lukovac@nizo.com +31 6 253 472 47